Maintaining Work & Mental Health

Maintaining Work & Mental Health

Maintaining Work & Mental Health 626 417 kupplinadmin

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing the phrase work from home and pandemic but it has revolved our lives for the last year and affected us in every way possible. In particular this has affected many of us mentally and physically and as we may remember we were taking a lot of walks with our loved ones to get ourselves out of the house. It is very important now more than ever to maintain good mental health and be able to do our jobs. Although things are going back to somewhat normal here are some things that we recommend you can do to keep a good balance:
• Give yourself a break
• Self-care: In the hectic work week it’s important to do something you enjoy. Like going to the mall, going to the salon…etc.
• Stay active: Going to the gym after work or even just taking a walk to step outside of the house while working from home can be refreshing.
• Manage your time

Being able to realize when we’re overworking ourselves is a valuable skill. Doing any of these activities can help ease your mind. According to studies more than 89% of Americans workers faced burnout due in 2020. Although it is important for workers to limit work it is also important for companies to understand this struggle during these times. It is critical to look for oneself, even if it means doing small things.

2020 was the year we all underwent change and learned a lot about ourselves and maybe even the people we were living with. This could’ve been a positive or negative experience for all of us, but it is important to give ourselves credit for surviving 2020. It was a unique experience that not everyone can say they were a part of. But 2021 it is important to refocus on our mental, physical, and emotional health.


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