Minute Clinics Shutting Down

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Walgreens recently announced that they would be closing 160 in-store clinics they had staffed in hopes to make a dent in the traditional healthcare delivery market. This could be positive or negative depending on which stance you take. Many were disappointed as this business model could change the healthcare industry and acted as a sort of disrupter in the market, Others were relived as traditional healthcare delivery prevailed over Walgreens’ model.

The company has agreed to maintain 220 clinics which are integrated with the local healthcare systems. This can allow them to tweak their business model and fix the inconsistencies within their execution. Healthcare consumers have seen an increase in the costs of healthcare and companies such as Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart to name a few have stepped in to provide lower costs at a higher convenience for the consumers.

Traditional healthcare providers have voiced concern over the quality of service and accurately diagnosing and treating issues. The crux of the issue is that if traditional providers paid better attention to their patients’ needs, they wouldn’t be looking for alternatives. It isn’t easy to change the mindset of consumers and these businesses coming in to disrupt the traditional system will take time to implement their ideas but can ultimately help countless Americans nationwide. Kupplin helps these avenues to be pursued by providing a variety of IT resources to the healthcare industry.

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